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The Boys School



Sweet melodies of Torah learning, davening and Tanya fill the halls of the boys' school each morning as students eagerly begin another day at Cheder.


Strong foundational skills in Chumash, Mishnayus and Gemara are expertly taught by a team of experienced Rabbeim who spare no effort to ensure that every student's potential is maximized through positive encouragement and age-appropriate expectations. 


Learning comes to life with hands-on experiences, group projects, creative writing, and interactive Smartboard games. A strong emphasis on kindness and collaboration is cultivated throughout the day and at recess where teachers can be found immersed in sports games with their students. 


Cheder is a special place for young boys to develop a love for Chassiddus which is infused into all subjects of our highly thought out curriculum. Our students take great pride in being a soldier in Hashem's army and Chossid of the Rebbe, empowering them to fulfill their missions. 


Through special programming, our students gain a profound understanding of the importance they play in preparing the world for the final redemption. 

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