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Our Staff


Over the past few years the Cheder has curated a remarkable and superior teaching staff. The teachers are true role models for the children of not only Torah and chassidus but of middos and kindness. The teachers have incorporated creativity and progressive educational techniques into age-old subjects and material. Cheder teachers are constantly learning and growing in order to meet the needs of a young generation and the unique set of challenges they face today. The Cheder staff are known for their warmth, love, devotion, and the individual attention they have managed to provide for every child, both emotionally and scholastically. Cheder staff make themselves readily available to work with the parent body in individual and group capacities. As parents often say of Cheder staff, “there is always someone to talk to and someone who will listen”. Parents of Cheder students value this close and personal connection to the teachers that they are able to cultivate and utilize to maximize their child’s school experience. 

To be a teacher in Cheder Lubavitch Morristown is to be an inspired person; inspired by the Rebbe's message of Chinuch, inspired by the belief that every child is an individual world with infinite potential and promise.


Mrs. Sarah Schochet is a veteran Mechaneches with nearly two decades working in education. In addition to many years teaching elementary school students of various ages, she has worked on curriculum development, mentoring and teacher development. She is also a kriah specialist, who has overseen kriah curriculum development and implementation.  

Previously, Mrs. Schochet served as assistant principal at Bnos Menachem girls school in Crown Heights. She has a keen insight into children of all ages, and instills in them a love for Yiddishkeit and Chasidishkeit.  Mrs. Schochet resides in Wesley Hills NY, where she serves as the community Rebbetzin alongside her husband Rabbi Chaim Schochet Rav of Kehillas Anshei S’fard of Wesley Hills.


Mrs. Schochet has a passion for chinuch. She believes in connecting with every child at their level and inspiring them to reach their full potential. 


Rabbi Wilschanski has been involved in Chinuch for over a decade. Raised in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, Rabbi Wilschanski is an alumnus of Educational Institute Ohelei Torah and a graduate of Tomchei Temimim Yeshivah in Brunoy France. He holds a Rabbinic degree from the West Coast Talmudical Seminary and was ordained as a Rabbi by Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, Rosh Hayeshivah of Kolel Tiferes Menachem Los Angeles, CA and Rabbi Dovid Shochat, chair of Toronto's Orthodox rabbinical body.

Rabbi Wilschanski has spent much time in his youth volunteering for Jewish community centers around the world. He holds a coaching certification from the American Association of Professional coaches and the Refuah Institute of Jerusalem, a Principals certification from the Menachem Education Foundation as well as a Professional Jewish Education Leadership certification.

Rabbi Wilschanski believes that as educators, we must understand every student and his needs in order to guide him according to his level so that he can feel content and successful.  Chinuch is a partnership and collaboration between the school and home. Together we need to find opportunities to encourage and to challenge, to inspire and to share a good word, creating a genuine, personal and comfortable relationship with each child.

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