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The Girls School


Sweet sounds of Torah learning, davening and Tanya fill the halls of the girls' school each morning as students enthusiastically begin another day at Cheder.


Strong skills in Chumash, Novi, and a wealth of Jewish Knowledge create a strong foundation upon which to build on for years to come. Emerging scholars, budding artists, and creative writers fill our classrooms where stress is low and motivation high. Our comprehensive general studies program uses a variety of modalities to give students essential tools to spread their wings as authors, junior mathematicians, and inventors. 


Teacher-student relationships are cultivated through deep connection, care and respect, empowering students to reach new heights. Great emphasis is focused on the individual, evaluating the specific educational needs of each student. An environment of Derech Eretz (respect for teachers and friends), acting with thoughtfulness and upstanding behaviors is strongly encouraged and positively reinforced.


The positive light that is shed through the teachings of Chassiddus is infused into all subjects of our highly thought out curriculum. Our students take great pride in being a soldier in Hashem's army and Chossid of the Rebbe, fulfilling the missions He has empowered them with. 


Through special programming, our students gain a deep understanding of the importance they play in preparing the world for the final redemption.  

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